"The festival was made for the locations on the two sides of the river and the people who live there. As artists, we are always presented with a frame in which to work inside of. The sunshine and the beach only make everything more enjoyable- for everybody. The installations of Mark Jenkins, From Pen to Paper to the Streets (Pictoplasma), Metal Stage, and the Housing Projects were made specifically for the festival. They have been created to give a different dimension to the locations and the viewer. They are there to put a different spin on a typical installation situation and to open up the eyes of the people who will be passing by and hopefully take notice. My goal was to have the audience participate as much as the artists did. The whole festival was like a piece itself. It is an infiltration of Royan, Soulac, Talais and Grayon. We slowly took over the the estuary for a few days, subtlely, but nonetheless with presence." -Jared Gradinger

Here are some documentation of the events:

documentation of performing arts festival
created by Jared Gradinger